Bio: Brian Hetherman

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Brian Hetherman Brian Hetherman is a true music industry renaissance man. Within the business, he has worn more hats than the Queen on a royal tour, and his diverse experiences now stand him in good stead as a previous artist manager and head of a successful independent record label and publishing company, as well as a wealth of experience in the world of Music funding.
Brian’s lifelong love affair with music asserted itself at an early age. He started spinning records in Toronto clubs, and quickly landed his first job in a record store. “That was just so I could get good deals on albums, but then I got hooked on the industry,” he recalls.
After managing such notable record stores as Sunrise and A&A, Brian enrolled at the TREBAS institute to broaden his knowledge of the music business.
His enthusiasm and intelligence caught the attention of thriving independent label Duke Street Records (Jane Siberry, Chalk Circle, Scott Merritt, Art Bergmann), who hired him as a Retail Marketing Rep in the late 80’s “That was a great place at which to learn,” says Brian. ´I was involved in almost all aspects of the business at Duke Street, and it gave me a good taste of the Canadian independent music scene.”
In January 1990, Brian was offered a job at MCA Records (soon to be Universal Music). His first position there was as a Retail Marketing and Sales Rep, which was followed by a few years as a Radio Promotion and Marketing Rep. These roles involved promoting such artists as Peter Gabriel, Guns ‘n Roses, Elton John and The Tragically Hip at retail and radio as well as overseeing artist promotional trips.
In early 1995, Brian became the youngest Director of A&R (Artist and Repertoire) at MCA Records and head of MCA Music Publishing. Thriving on the freedom he was given in this post, Brian was responsible for the label’s signing of such successful Canadian artists as Souldecision, Holly McNarland, Age of Electric, Jason McCoy, and Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra who all received Gold or Platinum albums. His experience in A&R reaffirmed Brian’s love of close creative collaboration with artists, and this has been the crucial theme of his career in the music industry ever since.
Brian’s profile within the industry and beyond was heightened when, in 2000 he became one of the judges on the first season of Popstars, the highly rated music reality show viewed as the precursor to Canadian Idol. Reflecting back on what he now terms “a weird experience,” Brian notes that “it meant I got a handle on the whole TV and media side of the business. Also, if people didn’t know I was straight up and honest before, they certainly did after that. People joke that I was the original Simon Cowell. If somebody didn’t have talent, I didn’t mince words and there was no use beating around the bush.”
Brian’s next career move took him away from the TV spotlight to a very important behind the scenes music industry position, one that also involved helping create stars. In 2001, he was offered the inaugural position as Executive Director of the Radio Starmaker Fund, a non-profit organization that administers funds to promote and market Canadian recording artists. “That was a total left turn, but I felt I needed to do something different,” he recalls.”The Board wanted someone to be the face for the organization, someone who understood how to market an artist in Canada and the tricks of the trade.”
Once the Fund was up and running smoothly, Brian went looking for another new challenge. One presented itself when Holly McNarland, an artist Brian had earlier signed to MCA/Universal, was seeking representation. Brian responded by forming his own management company, Cerberus Artist Management, and, shortly after his own independent record label Curve Music and Publishing Company.
“I liken starting your own company to stepping off a cliff, you have to be prepared, whether you grab something on the way down or you just keep falling” jokes Brian, who has thrived in the role of music industry entrepreneur. He astutely realized the giant sea change the industry was about to go through, and the model he followed early on of a combination of management company, record label and publishing company in partnership with the artists is now being recognized as an ideal business paradigm.
The role of artist manager is arguably the closest to Brian’s heart. “Working with the artist is so much a part of who I am and what I enjoy doing,” he says. “Management is theonly place to be now if you are in the creative industries and love to work with artists.”
Brian’s sterling reputation within the Canadian industry immediately brought top-calibre artists to the doors of Cerberus and Curve. Over the years, the musically-eclectic roster of artists he has represented through the two companies include Holly McNarland, Wide Mouth Mason, Suzie McNeil, Turn Off The Stars, Derek Miller, Andy Stochansky, and The Dunes.
Brian was the Executive Producer of a project with Garth Hudson , which is a star-studded all-Canadian tribute to The Band, produced by legendary Band keyboardist Garth Hudson. Garth performed on the disc, with such artists as Neil Young, Blue Rodeo, Bruce Cockburn, Great Big Sea, The Sadies, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Raine Maida, Chantal Kreviazuk, The Trews, to name a few. 
Brian Hetherman’s talents as a manager have also been recognized by his peers at home and abroad. For five years, he has was the President of the Music Managers Forum (MMF) in Canada, and is Vice Chair on the Board of the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF). Brian sat on the Board of Directors for FACTOR (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recording) for four years before leaving behind Curve Music and Cerberus Artists to become the Vice President of Industry Affairs at FACTOR in the fall of 2009. During his tenure at FACTOR, Brian has successfully acted as the General Manager for much of 2010 while the Board of Directors searched for a new President of FACTOR.
In early 2011, Brian left FACTOR to pursue his own business interests once more, in export, label, management and Publsihing.
Reflecting on his amazingly diverse professional career, Brian Hetherman credits “an element of fate. It has just worked out too well to be anything but. I have worked very hard, but I’ve been extremely lucky to have had all of these opportunities.” Brian’s combination of vision, experience and his ongoing passion for music ensure that the future of this highly-regarded industry veteran remains bright.