EXPORT RESULTS is a company dedicated to helping launch the careers of Canadian talent worldwide, as well as helping Foreign acts break into the Canadian or U.S. Marketplace. Whether through consulting work, setting up showcases both within and outside of domestic and International showcase events or assisting Music Industry associations with their International efforts. Additionally EXPORT RESULTS works with Government Cultural agencies and organizations needing guidance and assistance in developing an Export strategy as well as help individual artists, labels and managers. Export Results is also well versed in the funding programs targeted at Export and Showcasing of Artists and Music abroad.
Services Provided Include:
  • Project co-ordination, consulting, implementation and organization of International Export campaigns
  • Assistance to Government Cultural organizations and agencies with both large and small export campaigns and/or strategies
  • Providing and introducing you and you artist/organization to key international contacts directly related to your goals
  • Attending International events with you, your artist/organization to guide you through the sea of misinformation
  • Setting up, hosting and co-ordinating invites for international showcases or events.
  • Assisting Music Industry Associations in the creation and set up of effective International campaigns relating to the export of Canadian talent internationally
  • Foreign Cultural Organizations, governments or artists trying to break North America
  • Advice and implementation on International promotional campaigns for labels, artists and managers